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Natural Orylag®

Orylag® is the fur of the future for 10 irrefutable qualities.

  1. Its versatility does not set limits to the designers
  2. It is modern, young and light
  3. It is soft, its hair silkiness is 15 microns, the same as cashmere
  4. It is bright: its hair has the same brightness as silk
  5. It is rare: its production is limited as the one of precious stones
  6. It is safe : it is tanned in the full respect of the European rules
  7. It is traceable: it is produced only in France, Poitou Charentes, just like Cognac
  8. It is irreprehensible: it is part of a food chain
  9. It is guaranteed: Orylag® is a registered trademark and skins are all numbered
  10. It is very ecological: Orylag®-farming has been created to help French agriculture

Orylag®, first fur leather with traceability certification ICEC TS PC 412

Score 100/100, up to the breeding areas

pdf  View certificate

pdf  Technical data sheet

  • Orylag® Natural (brown)

  • Orylag® Natural (grey)

Orylag® Dyes

Thanks to his qualities which are brightness and shades of colours the dyes on Orylag® skins are extraordinary.
In addition to the range of proposed colours we can also provide dyes upon customers request.